French Language Development


MAK is specialized in training teachers to adapt French language programs for native English speakers. We can create workshops in partnership with a speech therapist. 

Workshops can be organized for groups of all sizes for teachers, students and business settings.

Pre-K and K: Dual / Immersion Programs

Setting up visual cues and gestures for young children to avoid errors recurring among Anglophone learners:

  • Mastering the Masculine and the Feminine.

  • Expressing oneself, talking abour oneself.

  • Expressing past, present and future actions.

Elementary SchoolDual / Immersion Programs

  • Encoded learning.

  • The Borel-Maisonny method adapted to English speakers.

  • Prosody, punctuation.

  • Symbolized grammar to compare both learnings languages.

  • Grammatical structure as a tool of the creative writing process.

  • Visual approach of verbs in the indicative mood (conjugation and sequence of tenses).

Grade 6-12 and Adults: Bilangual or Immersion and Traditional Monolingual (French as a Foreign Language)

  • Symbolized grammar:

    • Introducing a global vision of the structure of the language.

    • Symbolized grammar adapted to oral and written language.

    • Custom-made methodology following students' center of interests.

  • Gesture as an integral component of the oral expression and pronunciation.

  • Visual approach of conjugation and sequence of tenses.

Leadership Development


"Dare to Lead"

We offer a one-day leadership development workshop to high school juniors and seniors entitled “Dare to Lead.” Our goal is to develop and nurture a love of learning in our students. We want our students to gain the desire and ability to be life long independent learners. 

        "The idea is that leadership - like scientific disciplines, for example - consists of a set of skills, methodologies, and ideas that can be taught. The difference is that unlike, say, biology, leadership should inform all aspects of life. Leaderships programs teach important life skills, such as introspection, cultural sensitivity, moral acuity, people skills, and decision-making acumen."

"Today's Students Need Leadership Training Like Never Before", by Richard Greenwald.

We can offer school administrators and teachers individualized workshops to meet your specific needs in motivation theory, change management, planning, subordinate development, mentorship, subordinate evaluations, team building, situational leadership, communication and public speaking.

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