This game offers a new approach to learning the French language.


Included are 158 cards to learn 105 fundamental verbs to the French language.

The verbs are illustrated by two characters, one active and one passive, that are unnamed, in order to allow the learner to appropriate identities.

The letters are color-coded to improve common pronunciation mistakes made by native-english speakers. There is also a pronunciation table for simple and complex sounds.

Each card is accompanied by symbols to identify the verb’s group and corresponding auxiliary for forming composite tenses.

Since three cards are included to symbolize the negative form, one can use these to master the construction of this form.

This game is independent, but also complements the manual of "The Indicative Mode: 105 Fundamental French Verbs".

The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs FLASHCARDS

  • Our second edition of flashcards comes in 2 boxes:
    - la boite à outils (54 cards)
    - les verbes (154 cards)