Yayane Marianne






"I have never met a pedagogue as brilliant as Yayane Verbuyt. The way she talks about every single one of her students, and the passion with which she motivates them is absolutely unique. Yayane is fully devoted to her students, whom she knows how to bring out the best potential, guiding them to achieve the best results possible. To this day, her pedagogical approach has revolutionized every institute and school she has worked with.

I was lucky to collaborate with her on several occasions, her methods have become a quotidian source of inspiration in my own work as a teacher and pedagogical counselor. “


Sophie Marine,

Pedagogical Counselor at FIAF

French Institute Alliance Française 



"We have been delighted to work with Yayanne and even more thrilled with the results she has been able to produce in just 6 months with our son. Our son is in the 98th percentile in visual learning, however, average in short-term memory and reading comprehension. The discrepancy between the two levels caused him to form unhelpful habits and to become frustrated with why he could not read as quickly as he could do other areas of his homework. The school was unable to craft individualized tools for our son over the last 2 years. Yayanne, however, has been able to offer him strategies that use his visual strengths to employ in areas of reading and general French homework help. More important than the improved grades and understanding, our son now has greater confidence both every day in school and in tackling new subject matter."


Anna Schuchmann,

Mother of a 5th grade student


"Marianne Verbuyt's innovative approach to pedagogy has helped us enhance our curriculum, in the language area, to better address the individual needs of francophone and anglophone students while maintaining an immersion environment. "


Anne Bellec,

Director of Preschool

Director of Youth programs

French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)



"Learning from Marianne was a very unique experience. The depth of her knowledge along with her very engaging teaching style makes learning a delightful and memorable experience. She is a master at the art of teaching and her passion for the French language and culture is contagious!"



French teacher at FIAF

French Institute Alliance Française 


"Yayane is a highly skilled energetic teacher with state of the art training and a big heart. She pours all her attention into helping my two sons pursue their very best work in French and math. Beyond her credentials from the best schools and hospitals in France, her true appreciation of them as human beings and her sensitivity to their needs is astonishing. She has made them shine. Thank you!"


Victoria Sanger

Mother of a 3rd grade student



"It is an exciting experience to spend an hour with Yayane.
She opens a world of beauty with each phrase she teaches you in the French Language.
You cannot but feel that you too are able to embrace this language and enjoy its essence forever."



Adult student


"Yayane is an amazing tutor. She has helped me so much in French. I am now an A student. She also makes studying French so much fun and I do not know what I would do without her. Yayane is so devoted to me she often rearranges her schedule to help me study for tests. Thank you! "


Nick Sachman,

7th grade student


"Yayane is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. She goes way above and beyond to help her students and will stay late and/or rearrange her schedule if it is in the best interest of her students. She has been teaching my children French for many years and had done a brilliant job. She never loses her temper and always makes learning fun. I don't know what we would do without her!"


Alexia Sachman,

Mother of a 7th grade student


"Your amazing skill at understanding the idiosyncrasies and connecting with my son have motivated him to work harder than with any other tutor.  You have found what inspires him and he now has the drive to succeed!  Your structured approach, high expectations and moments of strictness have helped him to develop the confidence and skill to take charge of his homework life.  Thank you!!"


A father of a 9th grade student

"My 5th grade son is a gifted student and loves to learn but his school’s curriculum wasn’t challenging enough.  Marianne developed a personalized learning program to expose him to new subjects and now he is now studying chemistry and chess with passion and commitment.  I highly recommend Marianne’s warm and inspirational approach to helping students aspire to new levels of achievement!"


Joe Tuana,

Father of  a 5th & 9th grade students


"Yayane is a highly respected mentor. Overcoming a new language is hard enough, and even harder when ones parents don't speak french. Since the age of five I've been in the best private french schools in New York , all thanks to Yayane who has been guiding me since the start. To this day, at the age of 13, Yayane holds most of the credit for my academic

success !" 


Nicolas Tovar,

7th grade student




"I highly recommend Marianne's Alpha Kappa tutoring service for all levels of French and math tutoring. Marianne has excellent credentials and works with all levels and abilities. My son (age 16) is essentially fluent in French because of her. His calculus/SAT tutor is excellent. I have found the quality of instructions and results amazing!"


Catherine Gaynor,

Mother of an 11th grade student




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