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MAK offers tailored services to cater to your needs:

French Tutoring Services:

  • Tutoring for students attending International French-speaking schools

From Kindergarten (Maternelle) to 9th Grade (3ème): all subjects covered

From 10th to 12th grade (2nd – Terminal): some specialization subjects might not be available for tutoring. Please inquire for more details.

  • Tutoring in French as a second language open to all

  • Prep courses for AP French Language and Culture and SAT Subject Test French

Classes can be adapted to the level, age, purpose, and needs of the students.

MAK Math:

7th to 9th-grade mathematics classes (5eme to 3eme in the French system). We designed MAK Math, this unique programme to prepare and aid students in understanding the U.S American math curriculum.
Classes are taught in English and follow the American curriculum standards.

Essay & Writing:

Essay: classes to assist students on their Common App and Supplemental college essay (US and UK). Students will develop the necessary skills to consistently write authentic and original essays.

Literature: courses to improve your English writing and your knowledge of literature.

Classes are taught in English and aimed toward the American education system.

Learning Disabilities: 

Classes adapted to all students with specific needs and requirements in the fields of reading/writing rehabilitation, graphism, mathematics, and organization.
Classes are taught in French but open to students of both school systems.

Marianne  Yayane Verbuyt has extensive experience in the field of customized education for children with disabilities. She has spent years refining her pedagogical skills to create unique curriculums for each of her students.


Standardized Tests:

Prep courses for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT and TACHS.


Pedagogical Training:

MAK trains teachers from International French and Bilingual schools so they can acquire the tools to better accompany their English speaking students’ transition into the French school system.

Thanks to Marianne’s experience with both European and American school systems, she possesses the pedagogical tools and technics that are adapted to either English or French natives.

For more Information or to Request a quote please send us an email  

" Knowledge is universal but the tools for interpretation are specific to each culture.
We create a bridge so that students learn to make their own."

Marianne Yayane Verbuyt

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