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Passionate about pedagogy, Marianne  Yayane Verbuyt has developed her own conjugation material adapted to English speakers to accompany the practice and learning of French conjugations in a fun way.

The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs 

A bilingual French-English manual that presents an innovative learning method with 105 Essential or Fundamental French Verbs.

For who is this book?  

People who wish to master the French indicative mood 


The difference with the Notebook?Flashcards? 

The book is made to be consulted. In the first part, you will discover the order of the 50 most frequent verbs, the visual code explanation, and diagrams and tables that show how it is used in the different tenses.. In the 2nd part, you will find the conjugation of each verb.

The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs 

158 cards to learn 105 fundamental French verbs
A support material to be used with the book and facilitate learning.


For who are the Flashcards?
French-speaking teachers and parents


The difference with the book? Notebook?

Easy approach to learn and memorize the lexicon offered in the book. 

You can use the flashcards from discovering the different groups, practicing affirmative or negative sentences to all the indicative tenses and pronominal forms, etc...The adult guides the student by practicing orally.

Students practice orally the conjugation and manipulate the pronouns, the verbs and simple negation adverbs.

Notebook for Lefty
The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs 

Notebook for Righty
The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs 

Students can make the rules their own with their own examples

For who is the Notebook?
French-speaking teachers and Student

The difference with the book? Flashcards?

The notebook regroups all diagrams and charts for each of the book’s elements, while also providing space for the student’s individual notes.