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MAK Math

Everyone can do Math

Taught by Ashni Dave 

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The objective of MAK Math sessions is to prepare and aid students in understanding the U.S American math curriculum.

MAK Math sessions are broken down into five 6-week sessions: 

  • The first four 6-weeks sessions will be dedicated to the pedagogy of basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

  • The last 6-week session will be dedicated to teaching standardized testing strategies for the SSAT, ISEE and SHSAT.

We recommend that students of all ages attend four 6-week sessions. Younger students are advised to join for the entire 30 weeks, while older students may find it useful to join the class that focuses on their area of weakness.

We are excited to provide this resource to students, and we believe that it is a necessary foundation for students preparing for the SAT and ACT Standardized University Entrance Exams.

After these sessions, students will be equipped with tools to excel. We look forward to helping you succeed.

A bilingual French/English glossary will be given to our students.

Math is Everywhere





Marble statue of Kouros
Marble statue of Kouros

This kouros is one of the earliest marble statues of a human figure carved in Attica. The rigid stance, with the left leg forward and arms at the side, was derived from Egyptian art. The pose provided a clear, simple formula that was used by Greek sculptors throughout the sixth century B.C. In this early figure, geometric, almost abstract forms predominate, and anatomical details are rendered in beautiful analogous patterns. The statue marked the grave of a young Athenian aristocrat.

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Chess set
Chess set

This nearly complete chess set is one of the earliest extant examples in the world. The pieces are abstract forms: the shah (king) is represented as a throne; the vizier (the equivalent of the queen) is a smaller throne; the elephant (bishop) has two tusklike protrusions; the horse (knight) has a triangular knob representing its head; the chariot (rook) is rectangular with a wedge at the top; and the pawns are faceted hemispheres with knobs.

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The Temple of Dendur
The Temple of Dendur

Egyptian temples were not simply houses for a cult image but also represented, in their design and decoration, a variety of religious and mythological concepts. One important symbolic aspect was based on the understanding of the temple as an image of the natural world as the Egyptians knew it.

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Planispheric astrolab
Planispheric astrolab

Science and the Art of the Islamic World Dated a.h. 1065 / a.d. 1654–55 Maker: Muhammad Zaman al-Munajjim al-Asturlabi (active 1643–89) Iran, Mashhad The astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time and the position of the Sun and stars in the sky.

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Math is ART 

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" MAK Math made math enjoyable for me. It was the first time I felt truly engaged in the subject. The teachers are very experienced and were able to teach me the material in a way that made me understand the concepts immediately. If you’re looking for a math tutoring program I definitely recommend MAK Math."


 " Math is a universal language "
Marianne Yayane Verbuyt

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