In the midst of this global health crisis, our daily lives have been greatly impacted. 

Here at MAK, Yayane Marianne and her team are still offering classes using online mediums to make sure you can still get the support you need while respecting the confinement and insuring everyone’s safety. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule online lessons with us feel free to send us a message directly on this page or via:

- our website 

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For your safety we encourage everyone to stay home and only go outside for necessary reasons. We all have a role to play in this crisis and for most of us, staying home is the best way to help the healthcare workers fighting on the front line.


Updates : ACT and SAT tests

  • ACT : More info here.

  • SAT and SAT Subject Test : More info here​


How to teach to bilingual students

Elementary and Advanced trainings for

grades pre-K to 12 as well as Adults.

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Our founder's teaching 

method is now available for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace.

The Indicative Mood: 105 Fundamental French Verbs 

includes a manual, a notebook and flashcards for those who wish to master the French indicative mood and to help all native english speakers in their learning journey towards bilingualism.


Telegraph by Constantino Brumidi 

Marianne's Alpha Kappa New York Tutoring Services

La Liberté guidant le peuple by Eugene Delacroix

"I put a Phrygian cap on the old dictionary."  


Victor Hugo

Marianne's Alpha Kappa New York Tutoring Services
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